Weapon systems

The company has several partnerships in arms factory , we specialize in providing solutions such as We specialize in building an assembly line m4 rifles, pistols type 1911 

The company markets m4 rifles military quality.

The company makes weapons courses to various types of weapons such as M4, Glock, different sub-machine gun ,sniper rifle.

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The Company provides highly skilled and experienced security personnel for dignitary protection and for the security of vessels, events and facilities
The Company’s management is working on analyzing methods of actions used by terrorist and criminal organizations 
and of various assault scenarios in order to be able to provide a solution for every event and for every scenario
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Textile military

Our products are manufactured and tested in accordance with the Quality Assurance standards of military forces world wide, as well as in  strict adherence to ISO 9002 Standards, awarding them worldwide recognition for their high quality and durability

Among our customers are military, paramilitary, law enforcement and security organization across the globe. 

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S.X.T specializes in developing, producing and integrating superior communication products and systems for military, police, homeland security and government operations

Tactical communication and aviation systems

Military terminal systems

Military lightweight and tactical headsets

Military audio accessories

Military antennas                     

  Tactical optic

our customers combat proven electro-optical products and technologies which specialize in night vision,thermal imaging and 
targeting/illumination systems.
We offer the best products in the world  
Our Company staff have operational experience in hundreds of operations around the world whit our products
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 Training of operational units with short and long (range) weapons, according to their outline of activities.

Training and establishment of counter-terrorism units, in various urban scenarios

breaking into and taking over building structures, becoming familiar with means of transport and fighting techniques.

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